Weaving the Spirit of Country into Modern Design

At Bangawarra, we echo the enduring spirit of Country, not only in the projects we undertake but in the very ethos of our practice. Our work is dedicated to developing meaningful connections to Country, embedding Aboriginal knowledge into landscape, and the built environment. We implement transformative strategies that honour Ancestral stories, knowledge, language, and culture, crafting sustainable and culturally rich places for generations to come.

We stand at the crossroads of ancient wisdom and modern spatial design. Challenging colonial legacies, Bangawarra infuses Aboriginal knowledge, language, and culture into every facet of our work. Through our consultancy, we deliver site-specific insights that transform spaces and resonate with the soul of Country.

Our Services

Connecting with Country through thoughtful spatial design and expert design review.
Creating public art that speaks to the heart and history of spaces.
Integrating sustainable practices for a future that honours the past.
Applying Aboriginal knowledge and language to inform spatial planning.
Offering cultural heritage consultancy that preserves and celebrates tradition

Who We Are

Bangawarra is the embodiment of a unique partnership led by D’harawal eora Knowledge Keeper Dr Shannon Foster and Wugulora academic Jo Paterson Kinniburgh. Our team is the bridge between the wisdom of Ancestral knowledge and contemporary design practices, committed to the sustainable stewardship of Country.

Join Our Journey

Become part of a movement where deep-rooted knowledge and cultural integrity elevate spatial design. For a collaboration that promises not just a space but a place imbued with the stories of millennia, reach out to Shannon or Jo.